Top Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Why should you be interested in natural remedies for your hair loss versus more artificial and chemically-based solutions? The use of pharmaceuticals can have adverse effects on your health when used for loss of hair, and you will not hear this from television ads and you will never see this on the product’s description.

Prescription drugs must be processed in the liver before they can take full effect and when this happens, it can add to stress and complications with your health depending on the medication that you are taking.

These medications can also impact your sex life because they affect your hormones. Therefore it is advised that you try some natural remedies instead of exposing yourself to the chemicals that are found in drugs. Not only are natural remedies better for your health, they are also much more affordable than drugs sold over the counter or the ones prescribed by doctors.

Therefore, if you want to know how to treat hair loss the natural way, here are some tips that are wonderful home remedies, for both male and female hair loss treatment.

The very first thing that you will need to do is have a healthy diet:

Ensure that your diet consists of nutritious foods. If you live on a balanced diet, you will get the required minerals and vitamins and other essential nutrients that are needed for enhanced hair health. Your hair and scalp need proper nutrients just like the other areas of the body like the brain and the liver do in order for them to function properly. If you lack the proper nutrients in your diet, you will realize that your hair has lost its lustre and that it has gotten thin and will eventually begin to fall out.
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Start drinking tea:

Drink at least one cup of nettle tea per day because nettle contains vital ingredients that will convert testosterone into DHT.

Increased Testosterone is the major cause of hair loss in most men and unfortunately, it is also a problem for women as well. This is especially crucial for women as they enter menopause and their estrogen level is not as high as it use to be.

Nettle tea is something that is very affordable and you will be able to find it in almost every health supermarket and store. Herbal tea also comes highly recommended as one of the many natural remedies for hair loss because it is able to increase your circulation and even relieve stress that is a very common cause of hair loss.

Try saw palmetto:

This is a very good herb that will help to fight against hair loss and eventual baldness. This herb contains dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short, which fights against the major cause of hair loss, increased testosterone in women and men. Saw palmetto will fight against any balding effects that you are faced with.

Another age old remedy for fighting against hair loss is to have your scalp massaged:

When your scalp is massaged on a regular basis, circulation to your head will be increased and when blood flow is increased in the scalp, this will help with your hair growth. Rogaine is a product that you can use, which will also increase circulation but the same effect that you get from Rogaine can be achieved when you massage your scalp or have someone massage it for you.

There are quite a number of natural remedies for hair loss that you can use to increase hair growth, however, the most important and fundamental is to try and eliminate stress from your life and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

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