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Four Natural Ways to Prevent Migraines Headaches

A migraine is a debilitating neurological condition characterized by crushing or throbbing pain in one area of the head, accompanied by vomiting, visual disturbances, sensitivity to sound and light, nausea, and tingling in the arms and legs. Many things can trigger a migraine – missed deadlines, annoying family members, irate bosses, and unending traffic jams. This type of headache can render you incapable of doing your best at whatever it is that you do. Knowing how to prevent migraines headaches is crucial to lessen the number and intensity of headache that you might get.Schedule a tea time. If you think only the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can enjoy the benefits of drinking tea, think again. Tea, specifically ginger and chamomile tea, helps prevent migraines headaches by relieving the tension that causes them. Ginger is also known to help subdue nausea that often couples a migraine attack. Brew up a cup, and enjoy your tea.

Oiliness is next to healing. Getting a gentle head rub using the essential oil of rosemary or thyme can alleviate headache pain. It was found in a 2010 study, that both oils contain a substance called Carvacrol, which can provide the same healing benefits of ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine. Meanwhile, getting a foot bath with a few drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil provides a calming aroma that soothes your senses and eases the constricted blood vessels in your head.

Eat the right food. Although there are kinds of food that can trigger that head-splitting pain, there are also certain types of food which you can eat to prevent migraines headaches. Load up on fruits and vegetables and fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fiber in fruits and vegetables helps remove extra estrogen in the body that can cause migraine. Meanwhile, fish rich in EPA and DHA helps lessen the severity of a migraine attack.

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee. Stress is perhaps the most common factor that triggers a migraine attack. It is always important to keep calm and avoid being harassed by the things that stress you out. Moreover, despite the fact that coffee is said to trigger migraine for other people, there are studies that prove that caffeine-intake actually helps relieve the crushing pain when migraine strikes. In fact, caffeine is one of the ingredients in over-the-counter pills prescribed to treat the illness.

A migraine is discomforting and can hit you at a time when you need to be busy and productive. By learning how to prevent migraines headaches the natural way, you can liberate yourself from pain without the need to overdose yourself on over-the-counter pills.

Finding A Natural Remedy For A Migraine

If you suffer from a migraine headaches often, and are looking for a natural remedy for migraine headaches, please read on to find out how to get some relief.

You know how much a migraine can hurt and ache, and all you want to do when you get another one, is to make it go away.

The problem with most traditional remedies for headaches is that they involve taking some kind of medication for the ailment.

Medications can cause a lot of side-effects, which can leave you feeling a lot of other symptoms throughout your body in addition to the pain that you had from the headache.

One option to avoid feeling even worse when you are suffering, are natural remedies for migraines. You can find much relief just by using a few really simple tips that encourage overall healthy living, and relief from pain.

Drink A Lot of Water: Drinking a lot of water will keep your body hydrated, which will keep fatigue at bay, which can help greatly help to remedy a current headache episode. Your body needs water, so hydrate it properly and reap the rewards of overall better health.

Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine dehydrates the body, which will trigger a headache. For a great and healthy natural remedy, drink 8 – 8oz glasses per day for general hydration and healthy living.

Avoid Stress: Stress is hard on the human body, and avoiding it at all costs is always a good thing to do. For headache sufferers, this is especially important. A stressed body and mind can trigger an episode, leaving you just as stressed, and in pain.

Stay supplemented with vitamins: There is evidence to suggest that people who often get headaches are sometimes deficient in certain vitamins. Some B vitamins have been linked to relief for many migraine patients, so taking a B-Complex supplement can help greatly many times.

Pressure Point Massage: If you have the ability to get a pressure point massage during a headache, or to aid in prevention, you will see a lot of relaxation benefits. Using various pressure points on the body, a massage can relieve an aching head for many people who try this technique.

The next time you find yourself in the midst of a terrible headache, try some of these easy and natural tips to find some relief.

With the help of some very simple natural remedies, you will find relief for your most annoying headache symptoms, without the side-effects of traditional medications.

Nutrition For Your Migraine Headaches

Where do you go when you feel like you have tried everything possible to eliminate your migraines? Do you ever worry about the chemicals you are putting in your body and the long-term effects? We did, but when you are suffering with a headache, that has lingered for days, you are willing to do anything, at any cost, to get relief. The routine went like this, start out with over the counter pain relief, of course you double up on the dose, after a few hours try a second dose, the headache continues or most likely worsens, so you get in the medicine cabinet and get the prescription drugs out. They usually don’t totally relieve the headache, but maybe this time. What about tomorrow? We knew we had to find a natural, safe solution, one that wouldn’t cause more damage later for just a little relief today.

That is probably where you are, too. Looking and researching for a safe, natural solution that eliminates your headaches. Yes, there is one, I say one because we have tried many over the years and have only found one. It has not been easy getting to this point, but we found that it was in understanding our body and nutrition, proper nutrition. We continue to put empty foods in our bodies, not all our fault, our soil has been so depleted of essential minerals that it is impossible to get all the vitamins and minerals our body needs. We have tried to eat healthy and even eat organically, but if it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the food. Our bodies were made to heal themselves… if fed correctly. When we do not feed our body what it needs, it sends out alarms… pain.

In the past, supplementation was not needed, we were getting better nutrition, vitamins ans minerals, because our foods had them. We all know, over time and due to chemical fertilization, that is just not the same today. It is vital to supplement your body with nutrition. When we get better nutrition, our body can start to correct itself and possibly eliminate nagging pains, such as migraines and headaches.

Now that we know we need to supplement, the question always arises, what and how much and can this be absorbed. Just taking a supplement in pill form does not guarantee your body will be able to use it. Again, the one we found is in an ultra premium, liquid formula so it starts immediately being absorbed and it is complete with vitamins and minerals. Physician formulated, clinically studied and proven, a safe, natural, and convenient way to feed your body what it needs and wants with amazing results. With proper nutrition, your body starts to heal itself, and thus help eliminating your migraines.

For us personally, once we started feeding our body complete nutrition, we noticed a dramatic improvement in our overall being. The most amazing benefit, Jim has not had a migraine headache since we started. His migraines were directly related our nutritional deficiencies, and we were on a name brand vitamin supplement. Much to our surprise, not all supplements are the same. Please look inward, at your nutritional intake, then realize nutrition is the key to healthy, pain-free living.

Relieve Your Migraines Naturally

Migraines are one of the worst conditions for people who habitually get them. Not only do you have an excruciating headache you can have flashing lights, narrowed vision, stabbing pains or even nausea. The experience is so vivid, only a migraine sufferer could explain it.

Statistics show that about ten percent of the population suffers from some form of migraines yet researchers have not found one single cause. They seem to arrive from a variety of causes. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta reports that there has been a 60 percent increase in migraine occurrence since the 1980s. Some research indicates there may be a nutritional link to the increased incidence. Additional suspected links include environmental pollution and allergies. Statistics show that women between the ages of 25 and 44 seem to be most susceptible, particularly between ovulation and just after menstruation.

Researchers are also looking at the strong genetic link where migraines often run in families. Typical migraines can last anywhere from one to 72 hours and usually incapacitate the individual during that time with impaired vision, high levels of pain, pins and needles, interrupted thinking and difficulty speaking and walking.

While the original thoughts on migraines believed that there were biochemical or hormonal changes that result in the constriction then dilation of blood vessels that bring on the classic symptoms, researchers have added a new hypothesis. There is some evidence to suggest that migraines are an inflammatory disorder that starts with interruptions in serotonin production and delivery. Serotonin is one of those versatile biochemicals that affects digestion, temperature control, cardiovascular function, mood, sleep and the way the body processes its own biochemistry and any medications you take, particularly for pain.
One of the reasons the body goes into an inflammatory response is due to lack of water. The body experiences low level dehydration at first, which can progress to a more serious level. There is a whole concert of parameters that come into play including histamine response, hormones, essential fatty adic imbalances and essential minerals.

During the woman’s cycle, the body uses more water to line the uterus with the nourishing fluids that would be required if she were to become pregnant. It would be a really good idea to increase the amount of water that a woman drinks on a regular basis so there is not a water crisis in the body. Many migraine sufferers have experience a complete absence of migraines simply by drinking more water.

In addition, a study reported in 1997 that upping the ingesting of essential fatty acid supplements containing gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) reduced the frequency and severity of migraines by 86 percent. The study also reported that out of the 168 patients participating in the study, 22 percent of them no longer experienced migraines and 90 percent of them had significant reductions in nausea and vomiting.

Magnesium, found in soybeans, nuts, seeds, fish, veggies and whole grains has shown a lot of promise for migraine sufferers during research. Studies are showing magnesium’s promise as a prevention of blood vessel spasms and as a regulator of pain receptors. Because magnesium has a great influence on the brain, nervous and circulatory systems it has proven itself during migraine studies. During the study, sufferers experienced fewer migraines of lesser intensity. 600 mg per day seemed to be the magic number. Tests showed that the participants in this test also had greater blood flow to the brain.

We’ve all heard how ginkgo biloba can be a great brain booster and now researchers show that it is also a great pain reliever for migraine pain. The magic ingredient in gingko is called Ginkgolide B. Patients were given a cocktail of 60 mg of gingko biloba, 8 mg of vitamin B2 and 11 mg of CoQ10 to be taken twice a day. The participants experienced fewer headaches of shorter duration and 42 percent of them had no more migraines after four months of supplementation.

Feverfew is a great inflammatory reducer and is also excellent for improving the tone of blood vessels. Taken over two months is when the reduction and severity of migraines becomes noticeable. Since feverfew is a great preventative it is best to take it daily for best results.

Since migraines can be caused by so many different things including the weather, it is best to try these natural substances, including upping your water intake, particularly an antioxidant, alkaline, ionized water to bring down your inflammatory response, improve the low level chronic metabolic acidosis that most people experience, improve your hydration and help swallow those natural migraine fighters. By providing your body with these natural migraine fighters you could be well on your way to waving goodbye to your migraines.

Headaches Cause Havoc But Natural Relief Is Possible

When was the last time you had a headache? For me, it was so long ago it is impossible for me to say. But I have had my share of them and some of them were really bad. Why are headaches only a dim part of my past? There are a number of reasons. I have quit doing things and eating things which are conducive to producing headaches.

Young people have more than their share and I believe one of the reasons is the enormous number of carbonated drinks they use. Think about it. The brain has pain when something is going wrong in it. One of those things could be the carbon dioxide circulating in their blood from those drinks. When the red blood cell picks up a carbon dioxide molecule, it cannot also pick up an oxygen molecule. Your brain needs oxygen but has no need of carbon dioxide.

While carbon dioxide is not a poison, when it is delivered to your brain instead of an oxygen molecule, the brain becomes deficient of oxygen. That deficiency could easily cause your brain to send you messages they it needs more oxygen instead of carbon dioxide. That deficiency could be the root cause of many headaches in young people. Remember, that is merely a conjecture on my part, not scientific fact. It could be as off base as the theory of evolution.

Other definite causes of headaches are trauma, bad posture, allergies and stress to mention a few. Perhaps the biggest culprit causing headaches in women is their high heels. Human feet were not designed for high heels. Wearing high heels puts unnatural pressure on the ankle bones and bones in their feet. It also causes muscles and tendons in their legs to be under unnatural stress. Over a period of time some of the damage to those muscles and tendons can become permanent. They have also ruined many women’s toes.

In addition to the leg aches and headaches, high heels cause other distortions. They are the reason many women have back pain. Any chiropractor or people familiar with the feet and leg structures will tell you to never wear high heels. They can result in curvature of the spine as well as other structural problems. If a woman is invited to an event where she must “dress up” in high heels, her best answer to the invitation is to say “Thank you, but I have something more important to do.” That “something” would be to put her high heels in the trash can.

Natural Migraine Relief Requires A Balanced Approach

Migraine headache is yet to get a complete remedial action. Nevertheless, in many ways proved to be effective in treating migraine, some are effective for others; some are not, and vice versa. The following guides are easy remedies for migraine.

First things first, you have to completely change your lifestyle to achieve complete freedom from this malady. But in most cases it is almost impossible for people to achieve a complete transformation in their lifestyles. So, in addition to lifestyle changes, a good number of natural care options should be available to you. In fact, this natural treatment options proved to be far more effective than medicines prepared. These options are also cost-effective. In some cases, the spinal complications are associated with migraine pain. In order to effectively relieve migraine pain in chiropractic practice, if the pain results from spinal problems, chiropractic treatment is proved to be an effective way to treat headaches.

Another product, the less treatment is biofeedback. This biofeedback is a very effective way to reduce the total migraine pain. The technique allows you to have some influence on the strength of your involuntary functions. Above all, it is important to convey its impact on the involuntary nervous function.

Excess salt intake is strongly associated with the onset of migraine pain. This causes high blood pressure, which has its implications for headache. So, strictly regulate the salt content in foods to reduce your migraine trauma.

There are certain foods that are considered triggers of migraines. If your body has a volume of salt intake, you will probably get sick with a migraine. These products are coffee, alcohol, beans, tobacco and cheese. So, to keep you from the pains of migraine, try to reduce the consumption of these foods as much as possible.

Another important factor that can significantly contribute to migraine pain is stress. Hence, in order to reduce the possibility of developing a migraine, you should know how to manage stress well. Various techniques to reduce stress help overcome persistent migraine. Yoga is one of the effective stress busters. Even if you are under stress, yoga is proven to be an effective method.

Proper sleeping, getting enough of sleep to be precise, is the best medicine for migraine. A good sleeping habit reduces the potential for migraine attacks. Oversleeping, on the other hand, should be avoided. It is advisable to avoid any stress to be migraine-free.

In the event that you suffer from migraine symptoms, it is good to rest in a dark and quiet room. Being in a dark room controls the pain to get worse. Using an icepack can also help reduce neck pain.

Go for magnesium-rich foods such as raw broccoli, language, black beans, and oysters. According to studies, people who have magnesium deficiencies are usually more susceptible to these types of headaches. Anyhow, do something for this mind-blowing migraine, pun intended. Do and follow these preventions and cures.