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How To Lower Blood Pressure Through Natural Ways

Hypertension or high blood pressure has sometimes been referred to as the silent killer. As a matter of fact, a good friend of mine just died a few days ago from a heart attack. He was young and healthy and none of us expect him to be suffering from hypertension. You see, you would not know that your blood pressure is already above 120/80 unless an actual reading is taken. That is why it is very important to know how to lower your blood pressure.

Everyday we eat all kinds of food. But did you know that what you eat reflects your blood pressure? Your kidney is the one part of your body that takes charge of cleaning all unwanted, excess and dirty fluids in your system. In its uniqueness, tiny little cells cluster together to form a filter and directs the waste fluids to the bladder that goes out of your body in the form of urine. This “cell filter” however is maintained through a unique balance of sodium and potassium. The balance is easily disrupted when there is an increase of sodium in your body and a corresponding increase in your blood pressure happens because of the increase of your body fluids. This however can easily be avoided by not eating food that has high sodium content which is usually found in canned goods and frozen food.

To neutralize the sodium and salt in your body, you need to increase your potassium level and this are found in fruits and vegetables. You also get an added bonus from the vitamins and minerals found in every fruit. Among the fruits and vegetables that I have found to contain high potassium are papaya, banana, fresh pears, avocados, melon, other fruit juice and sweet potatoes.

How to lower blood pressure naturally also requires a change in your lifestyle. Going out on parties or night outs with that gang has always been a part of enjoying life. It is wise however to control your drinking and smoking because too much of alcohol in your body can easily trigger an increase in blood pressure. Without spoiling the fun, follow this simple tricks to lessen your alcohol intake. When picking a drink, opt for those with lower strength or low alcohol content. With lots of beers and drinks in the market, this is never a problem so select the lesser evil. If you can’t find one, try adding mixers or water and lots of ice. Let it melt down for a while so that your drink will also last longer. And lastly, try to avoid peanuts and crisps that you can order from the bar. The salt content in this food snacks will make you thirsty and make you want to drink more.

Top 5 Natural Remedies for Hypertension

Hypertension is a direct out come of high blood-pressure, and one of the main causes of high blood pressure is obesity. The most effective way to control blood pressure is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise to shed those extra pounds. Since obesity is one of the base causes for hypertension, losing weight is one of the most effective methods which have a dramatic effect on high BP and hypertension.

Normally blood pressure should be 120 by 80. If this exceeds the limit of 140 by 90, then you are a patient of hypertension. If you are able to maintain healthy blood pressure levels then you are safe from heart attacks and strokes. Foods like vegetables, garlic and fruits help in maintaining proper pressure. Inclusion of these items in the diet helps to reduce and maintain pressure and acts as effective natural cure for hypertensions.

• Garlic: Inclusion of garlic in your diet helps a lot to maintain BP and acts as an effective remedy for high BP. It is a natural cure for hyper tension as garlic helps to dilate muscles that regulate blood vessels and in turn maintains proper blood pressure rather than lower it. Garlic contains a compound named adenosine. This compound helps in the dilation of the vascular tissue and also helps in relaxation of the muscles. Garlic both in the cooked and raw form helps in this regard. However, raw garlic is more effective than cooked garlic and works faster. Garlic helps in abating cholesterol by interfering in blood clotting. And it reduces the chance of cancer in colon, stomach and gastro-intestinal problems. So a person is advised to take in 3 or 4 cloves of finely chopped garlic along with a glass of warm water regularly to benefit from its properties. You can also squeeze out juice from garlic cloves and ingest it.

• Fruits and vegetables: Vegetables and fruits have a lot of effect on BP. They contain potassium and vitamin C, which helps to control BP. It is often said that a vegetarian diet helps in this regard. You must regularly have fruits as an integral part of your diet so that you get your daily requirement of vitamin C and other vital nutrients.

• Potassium: Potassium is an effective and important element in controlling blood pressure. If you have a balanced potassium level in blood then should not be difficult. However, those who suffer from potassium deficiency often suffer. Low potassium levels and high salt intake also increases BP.

• Calcium: According to medical opinion calcium deficiency is an important factor affecting BP.A low calcium level leads to hypertension even more than excess sodium levels. You should have food items that are high in calcium like spinach, green vegetables, milk and other dairy products to maintain your calcium levels in order to maintain pressure.

• Fish: Fish forms a healthy part of the diet and fish oils help to maintain BP and act as a natural cure for hypertension.

Health Insurance Issues in Hypertension

Hypertension can lead to various other illnesses including cardiac problems, liver problems etc. If things get out of hand and hospitalization becomes the only option, then you must find out your health insurance options and also make yourself aware of the rules under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This is because although hypertension will seldom be featured in the list of ailments covered by your insurance, even though cardiac disorder or liver problems will probably appear.

Controlling High Blood Pressure Naturally

Controlling high blood pressure naturally is the best strategy. Naturally, you must take steps to control the problem, whether you achieve the result by natural means or through medication.

Many people do not realize just how successful natural approaches can be. This is partly due to the high level of trust and reliance which people assign to their doctor. Unfortunately, the typical recommendation of any doctor will be to use prescription medication to control the problem. While many doctors firmly believe that natural strategies are best, doing otherwise can leave them exposed to medical liability lawsuits.

For that reason, they take the legally safe approach and prescribe various drugs to tackle the problem. What you must realize is that the drugs are doing nothing to cure the hypertension. Rather, all they are doing is managing the symptoms. This generally means that you will need to continue to take the medications indefinitely.

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The other problem is that in many cases, the doctor is guessing as to the real cause of the problem. A period of trial and error is needed to get the right blend of medication. Finally, as with all medicines, there is the issue of potential side effects.

For controlling high blood pressure naturally, there are three principal elements which you must address. These are body weight, diet, and exercise. Here we will discuss the importance and relevance of each of these three aspects.

1. With respect to body weight, generally people who are overweight are more prone to hypertension problems. This makes perfect sense, as the body is working harder to simply carry around the extra weight. This puts more strain on the circulation system and drives up pressure. Even a small amount of extra weight can be problematic.

For that reason, you should take immediate steps to get your body weight to the normal range. Obviously diet and exercise can help with body weight, but they play a major role in many other ways as well.

2. Proper diet is not just about eating the right amount of food. What you eat is just as important. Getting on the right eating plan can address many cases of this problem all by itself. There are a number of diet programs you can follow, such as the DASH program or the South Beach diet. Avoiding fatty foods and sodium are important elements.

Perhaps the best strategy is to begin to avoid processed foods. The additives included in the processing are generally not helpful for your blood pressure at all!

3. Finally, getting appropriate exercise on a regular basis is of great assistance. Even a brisk walk daily is a good start.

Addressing your lifestyle might seem like a daunting task. However, it is your current lifestyle which is contributing to your hypertension. This is why controlling high blood pressure naturally will always involve lifestyle modifications!

Lowering Cholesterol Safely and Naturally

For thousands of years many cultures have been using herbal and homeopathic medicines to cure what ails them. When it comes to lowering cholesterol there many natural remedies that work as well as many of the products produced by the pharmaceutical companies. Not all natural remedies have been scientifically tested to prove they actually lower cholesterol but for many people the proof is in their lower cholesterol test scores.

High cholesterol is a condition which affects millions of people all over the world putting them at an increased risk for high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, heart disease, and stroke. Many people are able to control their cholesterol simply through dietary changes and exercise. For those who still are having trouble keeping their levels under control even with diet and exercise can try some of the following natural remedies for lowering cholesterol.

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Policosanol is one of the most popular natural ways to effectively reduce cholesterol. It is a natural product made from bees wax and sugar cane that has been the subject of numerous studies. These studies have shown that there is little risk to regularly taking policosanol, which has also been proven to reduce leg cramps during exercise as well as lowering the risk for heart disease and coronary artery disease. Many people who have taken it have also had their cholesterol drop by as much as 25%.

Rice bran oil has also been studied as a viable alternative to prescription medications. There are natural compounds in the oil which have been shown in scientific studies to selectively lower the bad LDL cholesterol while at the same time helping to raise the good HDL cholesterol.

Two other easily found products, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, that can be picked up at any grocery store are two known natural food sources known to be helpful lowering cholesterol. Both can be used in everyday cooking which makes adding them to your diet very easy indeed. Another nice benefit of olive oil and garlic is their naturally occurring antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Lowering cholesterol naturally is a good way to avoid the side effects many of the well known prescription medications are known for. But it is important to have your cholesterol tested regularly to make sure your efforts are working. If diet, exercise, and these natural remedies are not doing the job then you may have no choice but to use cholesterol lowering medication.

6 Steps To Make Your Cholesterol Level Lower Naturally

The increasing number of people with high cholesterol issues, along with the side effects of its medications, has begged an answer to the question “How to reduce cholesterol naturally?”. Unsurprisingly, your lifestyle plays a vital role in increasing and decreasing cholesterol levels. Altering the way you live in certain ways can help you lower your cholesterol naturally, without the use of medications and prescriptions. Even if medication is necessary, a healthy lifestyle enhances the effect of your medication to reduce cholesterol faster and maintain its level.

Here are 6 steps to follow:

STEP 1 – Cut Down On Your Body Fat

Having extra fat in your body is just not recommended for cholesterol patients. Carrying even just a little excess weight can contribute detrimentally to your cholesterol health. Even a small decrease of 5 to 10 pounds of excess weight can have significant effects.

The very first aspect of losing weight is to honestly analyze your eating habits and daily routine. If you eat when you are frustrated or bored, try to divert your mind and take a walk instead. If your lunch and breakfast consist of fast food, strike it off from your lifestyle and pack something healthier from home. Watching television does not mean munching on potato chips, but instead you can try munching on carrot sticks.

Try to include more physical activity into your daily routine such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

STEP 2 – Eat Healthy Food

If you have been on an unhealthy diet for years, making a few changes in your diet can drastically reduce your cholesterol level. After all, cholesterol levels are substantially dependent on what you do and do not eat.

Healthy fats: the saturated fat found in red meat or dairy products can increase your cholesterol level by increasing the bad cholesterol in your body. It is recommended that you should not take in more than 10% of your daily calories from saturated fat. This is why you should choose low-fat dairy products and leaner cuts of meat. You can also switch to olive, canola and peanut oils for cooking.

STEP 3 – Avoid Trans Fats

Trans fat can be found in fried foods and many store-bought products such as crackers, cookies and snack cakes. Do not believe the labels on the packaging that claim the product is ‘trans fat-free’ as they might only be half truths. Instead, you can choose to look at the ingredients list and determine if those ingredients are high in cholesterol or not.

STEP 4 – Do Not Exceed The Daily Cholesterol Limit

A normal person can take up to 300 mg of cholesterol per day. If you have a heart disease or other cardiovascular problems you should only take less than 200 mg. Cholesterol levels are highly concentrated in foods such as egg yolk, cheese, processed meat, shrimps etc. Try to avoid such high cholesterol foods to keep within the recommended boundaries.

STEP 5 – Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fibre which helps you to increase your metabolism rate and cuts down fat. Fibre also prevents the build up of cholesterol particles in your arteries. However, one must remember that dried fruit tends to have more calories than fresh fruit. Also, try to include more vegetables in your diet on a daily basis.

STEP 6 – Increase Your Physical Activities

Exercise always plays a vital role in general fitness and reducing your cholesterol level naturally. Exercising does not mean that you need to force yourself into high-intensity workouts. Simple moderate workouts done frequently can help you drastically. Choose exercises that keep your heart functioning faster like jogging, running, swimming and cycling.

High cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. Medications are certainly available to help you reduce your cholesterol levels but if you try to alter your lifestyle with these steps, you will be surprised with the results. This way you can stay away from all those terrible side effects that medicines can cause.

What to Do With High Blood Pressure – Natural Remedies

Many people nowadays suffer from high blood pressure and most of them are on medications. Sometimes it is too hard to memorize all those medicines that one has to take in just to keep the body healthy and maintain having that normal blood pressure. You are probably one of those who are looking for natural ways to remedy this kind of condition, right? Well, this article will provide you with more information on what you need to know about having high blood pressure as well as what natural alternative do you have to help you maintain a normal rate when it comes to blood pressure.

The first thing that you may have to look into is that if you do have high blood pressure (HBP). Most of the time people are not aware that they already have it unless they experience serious symptoms that may even lead to fatality. The symptoms can be as simple as a head ache, nose bleeds, or even frequent dizziness and this condition can be caused by many reasons.

There are reasons why an individual suffers from HBP which is mostly known as hypertension. One of the most common causes is gaining too much weight. Weight brings pressure to the heart’s arteries which lessen the circulation of oxygen and nutrients for the body. Aside from weight gain, usage of tobacco, alcohol, excessive sodium intake and lack of physical activity may as well lead to hypertension. There are also some pre-existing disorders which may lead to high blood pressure and the condition more often termed as secondary hypertension.

Now, you probably want to start with avoiding those things that can cause hypertension as your first natural remedy for HBP. Since you are most likely looking for natural remedies to avoid side effects from the medications that you are taking, you can definitely start with dieting and exercise for this will not only help lead to normal blood pressure but it will also promote overall health and wellness to you.

  • You can start your dieting through eating healthy foods and taking in less processed foods which has trans fats and all of those harmful and junk ingredients not needed by the body. This just means that you will have to prepare fresh foods and less eating out in restaurants. Instead of eating pork and other meaty food you may opt for fish meat. The omega 3 fatty acids coming from fish is good for the heart.
  • Then, opt for exercises that will help you reduce stress. You may start with slow breathing exercises and then consider doing this regularly in a rhythmic pattern. Cardio exercises may help strengthen your heart and help in the normal flow and circulation of blood into your body. Try getting yourself involved with some gym work out if you still can, if not, then make use of the usual cardio-vascular exercises such as jogging or speed walking.

This is basically what you have to do to keep your blood pressure normal and maintain a healthy body aside from taking in those medications. This will lessen that chances of you having to deal with the same problem from time to time and eventually, you will be able to reduce those high blood pressure symptoms that you are experiencing at present.

High Blood Pressure – Natural Remedies That Work

High blood pressure, or hypertension is a global pandemic. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in its 2001-2002 prevalence report, there are as much as 600 Million are known to have been diagnosed with hypertension. The report also states that hypertension is blamed for 5 Million untimely deaths and 13% of global fatalities worldwide every year, and presently, these figures could be growing. These statistics are shocking but true. However, hypertension is preventable and can be treated especially when detected early. Treatment of hypertension requires a multi-disciplinary approach especially when non-modifiable factors are present like familial disposition, age and gender. Anti-hypertensive medications can have nasty side-effects and can cause a real burden to your pocket. The good thing is, there are readily available natural remedies for high blood pressure that are very applicable and easy to follow.

The first step is to make lifestyle adjustments. A sedentary lifestyle, wrong diet, vices and chronic stress are factors that need to be modified consistently and for good.

Living a less active life, spending most of the day lying on bed, depending on others to do household chores can lead to weight gain. As you move less, you burn less calories. Any calories that are more than sufficient than what the body needs for metabolism are automatically transformed into fats, which are then stored on the liver, muscles and blood vessels. Engaging in exercises like aerobics, weight lifting, and even household chores for at least 30 minutes for 3-5 days weekly, increase metabolism of fats. They also enhance the level of HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood stream, with a corresponding decline in the amount of the artery-clogging LDL (bad cholesterol).

Eating the right stuffs moderately can prove beneficial for your blood pressure. Consuming the right amount of healthy foods is one of the most highly recommended natural remedies for high blood pressure. Avoid taking too much sodium (salt), as it can cause fluid build-up within the arteries making the heart pump harder to bring this added volume into circulation to the different systems of the body. For adults, the recommended daily serving for sodium is about a teaspoon or 6 grams. If excess sodium is harmful, Potassium has the opposite effect. Potassium has a relaxing effect on the blood vessels, which simply means, it produces arterial dilation. The less constricted the blood vessels are, it is easier for the blood to flow. Examples of foods that are rich potassium are bananas, oranges, raisins, unsalted nuts, poultry and fishes.

To clean up and scrape off those unwanted triglycerides, saturated fats and bad cholesterols that obstruct the normal flow of blood on the arteries, consume abundant sources of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids. When frying, use olive oil. If unavailable, or too costly, a better alternative is canola oil. These essential oils are low in saturated fat but full of artery-friendly unsaturated fats. Nuts like almonds, cashew, walnuts and hazelnuts are also great sources of unsaturated fats as well Omega-3 fatty acids. Deep underwater fishes like tuna, salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel contain plentiful quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Like nuts, these fishes also have significant amount of unsaturated fats as well.

Do not also miss out on fruits, grains and vegetables too. Anti-oxidants like lycopene, catechin polypenols, resveratrol, lutein and zeaxanthin and Vitamins (Ascorbic Acid) have protective attributes on the integrity of blood vessels. Insoluble and soluble fibers work as a net that trap saturated fats and other harmful lipids, which are then eliminated in the body thru the stool. These foods are also rich in heart-friendly minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Remember what your science teacher had taught you? That an apple a day keeps the doctor away? It sure does.

Bad habits are hard to break. Vices like smoking and drinking too much alcohol can take their toll on your blood pressure if not stopped sooner and for keeps. Nicotine, which is present on tobacco, causes the arteries to narrow, forcing the heart to exert harder. Alcohol, on the other hand, affects the effectiveness of certain hormones in maintaining normal blood pressure. Alcohol is also packed with calories that can lead to weight gain and fat deposition.

When faced with chronic stress, remember to close your eyes, take a deep breath and use guided imagery. Perform stress-busting activities like meditation, tai-chi, yoga and even prayers. Engage in a good conversation too. Interact and socialize with the people around you. Do anything good that gives you relaxation and peace.

Treating high blood pressure naturally is easy to learn by heart. These natural remedies for high blood pressure do not require excessive effort and they can be done according to one’s pacing and preference. When they are done consistently and with determination, high blood pressure will surely not come knocking at your doorstep anytime soon. However, especially for those who have it or at risk being diagnosed, always remember to consult your physician and seek prompt medical advice early.

5 Common Herbal Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the medical term used to describe high blood pressure. Blood pressure is a measurement of the force against the walls of your arteries as the heart pumps blood through the body.

Blood pressure readings are given as two numbers, 120 over 80 (written as 120/80).

The top number is your systolic pressure. It is considered high if it is over 140 most of the time.

The bottom number is your diastolic pressure. It is considered high if it is over 90 most of the time.

One or both of these numbers can be too high. There are many reasons why your blood pressure can be high sometimes it is due to heredity, ethnicity, diet, excess salt, obesity, stress or it can be brought on by another disease like kidney failure or endocrine disorders. Even worse your more likely to get high blood pressure as you get older because your blood vessels stiffen with age, that’s not surprising everything seems to go to pot as we get older.

Also consider when taking a reading, getting a high reading on one day, and normal readings on other days could be due to other factors for example one day I didn’t drink enough water during exercise, so I was very dehydrated – my blood pressure reading came out to 148/92 – when it was taken again later after I had water and rest it read 120/80 that is why it should be 148/92 or around that level most of the time for me to have high blood pressure.

The good news is that high blood pressure/hypertension can be controlled with diet and exercise.

Since I am prone to high blood pressure (family history) I have done a lot of research on the internet and in the library, where I have discovered 5 common herbs that can be used to control your blood pressure. The best part is that these items can be found in your local grocery and you won’ t have to spend a small fortune at some health food store or even at GNC.

1. Garlic – the British and Australian researchers have done studies where they have concluded that garlic reduces blood pressure significantly. One precaution garlic is an anticoagulant and may cause bruising or delay blood clotting.

2. Celery – this one is especially surprising to me – celery maybe used to help relieve gout, insomnia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The Chinese have been using celery as a treatment for high blood pressure while of course we use pills. Precautions celery has a very high salt content which is known to raise blood pressure in some people also long term use of celery can deplete your potassium levels.

3. Pomegranates – like most fruits are filled with powerful antioxidants -Israeli researchers have found that subjects who drank at least 3 ounces of juice daily for one year reduced their blood pressure by 21%. Pomegranate juice antioxidant power is higher than what can be found in red wines or teas, research has shown it to effective in treatment for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Preliminary studies show the juice maybe effective for use to prevent inflammatory diseases, and bacterial infections, plus it boosts your immunity. Expecting a baby this juice helps babies brains develop normally and protects their brains against prenatal brain injury. There are no precautions listed but since it is kind of sour check your sugar content, you don’t want to wipe out the benefits by drinking something that is overloaded with sugar.

4. Cocoa – now this is just awesome if you ever needed an excuse to indulge here it is but it has to be dark chocolate. Researchers having discovered that dark chocolate was higher in antioxidants than tea or red wine started to look into whether dark chocolate can help with heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. German researchers have found 3 ½ ounces of chocolate consumed daily was just as effective as taking a daily dose of your blood pressure pills. Things to watch out for chocolate does contain caffeine not as much as coffee but it can still mess with your sleep and of course some people might be allergic.

5. Ginger – the New England Journal of medicine published a study linking the use of ginger to a reduction of Heart disease and strokes because it helps lower blood pressure and prevents clots. On a personal note I have used ginger to help with nausea it is very effective for that purpose.

As with anything, even herbal remedies always check with your doctor first before using natural remedies and use common sense, over use of even natural ingredients can be bad for you. However, adding natural foods and ingredients can lead to a healthier diet which is always good for you in long run.

An Introduction to Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Every human being has to put health at the very top of the priority list as without health, he cannot enjoy a quality life. Without health everything else becomes meaningless in life. Hypertension or high blood pressure is become a common illness nowadays because of the sedentary lifestyle of the people. High blood pressure is a potentially life threatening condition and should be taken due care. When there are increased lipids in the blood and fatty deposits in the artery walls, it makes them narrow and constricts them. Nowadays; there are many natural remedies for utmost blood pressure.
The mainstream medical practitioners themselves advocate the use of several natural remedies for high blood pressure before resorting to medication. And at most times, the natural and non-invasive methods of treatment have magically helped the patients by showing a significant drop in their high pressure levels.

A DASH diet (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) can help in significantly reducing the high blood pressure levels. This diet primarily includes fresh fruits and vegetables, intake of low fat dietary products, intake of grains, beans and nuts regularly. The DASH- sodium diet includes less than 1,500 mg of sodium a day and is also a natural remedy.

Garlic is a treasure house of natural supplements for hypertension and because of its pungent smell, intake of garlic powder supplements is highly recommended. Intake of garlic on a regular basis along with our food can help to prevent pressure to a large extent. Fish oil is also a natural remedy for utmost pressure because of its DHA content. Folic acid is another natural food supplement which reduces the amount of homocysteine in the blood.

A sedentary life style is often the cause of this disease and therefore doctors advocate at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. This is a natural remedy which can decrease utmost pressure without medications. When a person engages in aerobic exercise, the heart begins to grow stronger. When the heart grows stronger, it is able to pump more blood with less effort and thus helps in lowering blood force.

Some of the most common aerobic exercises are jogging, brisk walking, swimming biking, etc. If a busy professional life does not give enough time to follow exercises, patients can incorporate some simple physical activities in their daily life like taking the stairs, walking to work, etc.

Drinking a cup of honey water which is made up of mixing 1 teaspoon of honey with 10 drops of apple cider vinegar into a cup of warm water is a natural remedy which helps in lowering high blood pressure.

Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

If you have hypertension, you may worry about taking synthetic prescription drugs. There are natural remedies for high blood pressure that work, along with a few lifestyle changes where needed. By making just a few changes you can save the money you were spending on prescriptions, and improve your health!You see, prescription medications are often synthetic and don’t treat the underlying cause of your condition. They can also damage your internal organs, so you can see why choosing natural remedies for high blood pressure is a good choice.ish Oil – Did you know that eating the right amount of fish such as salmon that contain Omega 3 fish oil is good for reducing high blood pressure? Hypertension can be improved by diet change, stress reduction, and exercise. But truly lowering your numbers to a normal range requires a bit more. Some methods that can be used are deep breathing, meditation, special exercises and herbal supplements. These are a few of the natural remedies for high blood pressure.

Herbs – Herbs are one of the best natural remedies for high blood pressure, and many work as well as prescription drugs. When combined with a good diet and other healthy lifestyle changes, including herbal supplements is one of the most effective ways to reduce hypertension. Before focusing on the natural remedies for high blood pressure prevention and control, lets see what drugs are most likely people suffering from hypertension to be taking. The usual drugs prescribed in such cases are Alpha and Beta blockers as well as Vasodilators. All drugs of these kinds are may be helping lowering high BP but they do much greater harm on your body.

Some of the herbs that have been used for centuries in Asia and Europe to lower high blood pressure are:

  1. The Hawthorn Berry which help improve the blood supply to and from the heart by dilating the blood vessels
  2. Holly Leaf which expands the blood vessels and supports the circulation and blood flow to the heart
  3. Daikon Seed and Garlic.

More natural remedies for high blood pressure/natural solutions for hypertension include Arjuna which helps to keep up the health and tone of your hearts muscle. It also helps to stop bleeding and promotes quicker healing after you have suffered a hear attack. Another good remedy is Guggul which is from a thorny, small tree usually found in India and it is shown to raise “good cholesterol” while lowering your blood fat level. It’s a matter of changing most of the habits that you started since the beginning of your conscious life. It’s not that hard providing you have the proper knowledge that will allow you to make an intelligent decision. Most folks just don’t know what to do so they go to the Doctor. This is what we a programed to do. It’s only seems natural.