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Customer Review: If It Were not Canadian Pharmacy, My Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Would Be a Fantasy

Erectile DysfunctionIt is quite hard to write this review, because it is connected with some painful memories, but I will try. I hope that my story would help somebody to make a right decision about Canadian Pharmacy one day.

To start with, I was quite a sexually active man during the whole life, who never had any erectile problems. I was sure that I would always be such an alpha male, but, unfortunately, things had changed. I believe that there were two main things, which had a great influence on my sexual life. The first cause of sexual dysfunctions was my age (I am 70 now), but the problem was not that painful for me and serious, so that it was possible to cope it without any special treatment. After my wife’s death, the situation got so much worse! I think I need not to mention that it was a great loss for me and I could hardly go through that period of life.

Thanks to the close people, who didn’t let me give up. I used to have some problems in bed, but after the loss even the idea of having sex became painful both on a physical and mental level. I got used to my beloved wife so much that I could not even imagine sex with anybody else. Moreover, it was almost impossible for me to get sexually excited and in result to get a firm and lasting erection. I was sure that it meant game over for me as a man and I resigned myself. That could have lasted for years and remained neglected, but then a kind of a wonder happened. I met a nice woman, who lost her husband as well. I noticed that we had so much in common and we both felt so lonely. It is not rare a thing for lonely old people to get in couples even from the practical point of view. So, having taken into account our sympathy and the fact that my house lacks a woman, I decided to try to become happy once more and to spend the rest of my life with her.

When we started to live together, neither of us expected awesome sex in her 60s and my 70s and we did not even talked about this topic for a long time. Then, we realized that sex remains an important and necessary part of relations. So, we have decided to try and check if we are still capable of spending sleepless nights. I knew that I should begin from ED treatment. I was quite embarrassed about going to the doctor and did not know where to start. I made an effort and called my doc. After the appointment with the doctor, I bought Generic Viagra (my doc recommended Canadian Pharmacy, so I listened to his instructions and purchased Viagra pills there).

And you know, erections were back! During the first couple of weeks I took 50 mg doses. Then, the amount of Viagra I had to take was reduced to 25 mg, and the effect remained. Despite of the fact that I am 70 years old, I perform as if I am young again. Now I know this is not a fantasy, everything is possible with Viagra pills from Canadian Pharmacy. We can have sex every day, we can have sex whenever we want! My wife and I get so much pleasure and multiple orgasms. If I were told by someone that I could perform even after 70, I would laugh into his face. Now I know it is not a fairy-tale, it is real.