Homeopathy Herbs For Gout Patients

Gout is an auto immune inflammation that is initiated by the needle like urate crystals which formed due to the high concentration of uric acid in the body fluids. Gout can occur in the tendons, joints, and the surrounding tissues.

Among all treatment options for gout, prescription drugs are the more common and easily available solution. Most patients are advised to change their lifestyle and diet to minimize the possibility of the returning of the awful gout attack.

Recently, homeopathy is becoming a more and more popular alternative treatment sought after by most gout sufferers. Case studies has shown positive results for some of the herbs, and it works better when taken together with any other suggestions by medical professionals, especially the essential change of diet and lifestyle.

Herbal treatments for gout are divided into two groups, herbs for the relief of gout inflammation or pain and herbs to reduce the uric acid level. Herbs for pain relief are taken during the attack which is targeted at minimizing the symptoms of the inflammation while herbs for uric acid reduction should be taken daily over a long period of time.

Among the herbs recommended to be taken at the time of attack are devils claw which helps to relieve the swelling and pain associated with gout. Bromelain which is taken on an empty stomach serves as an anti inflammatory agent. Dandelion root cleanses the body of excessive uric acid.

Herbs for reducing the uric acid level are more as dietary supplements than medicines as they tend to have cumulative effects in detoxifying the blood. Alfalfa helps to reduce the amount of uric acid in the body while red clover prevents severe gout related problems.

Keep in mind that homeopathy is a treatment or therapy that requires a long period of time to show its effectiveness. Thus, you must be patient and persevere when going through this alternative treatment, do not expect some instant result as those given by modern chemical drugs.

Despite its slow reaction, homeopathy treatment could be the answer to the ultimate gout cure which many are searching for. It takes some time to reduce the uric acid level in your body until a stage that you will not suffer from any more gout attacks.

Drink lots of good water and follow are healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to keep gout away. Include those recommended herbs to your diet as supplements and it will definitely help to eliminate gout completely when combined with the right foods.

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