Treatment by Colors

You are ill. Your illness is due to deficiency of light in your organism. How will you recover? By accepting the needed light in yourself. Each disease is treated by light – red, blue, yellow, orange, violet – light is selected in accordance with the disease. No matter if you suffer with deficiency or excess of light in your organism, you are exposed to irregular conditions – physical and mental.

The seven nuances exist in the different worlds in different octaves and differ in their influence and importance. They mean one thing in the physical world, and another in the other worlds. At its low manifestation, the red light means a struggle, an element. All creatures that, in one way or another, have stored in their blood that light, are extremely active and rude. Cold is a small amount of light. Behind the ordinary light, other energies of higher type stand, and behind the latter something rational stands. The clean red color produces life, vitality, cheerfulness. The clean orange color gives noble personalized service to God, and the unclean one – doubt, disbelief.

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The clean yellow color gives balance of feelings, peace, serenity, intellect, and in its low manifestations – use, self-interest, everything for personal purposes, foxiness. The clean green color – growth in every aspect, and in its low manifestation – drying, attachment to the material. The light blue color – boom, extension of feelings, most sublime feelings, and faith. In unclean form – doubt, disbelief, vanity. The clean dark blue color gives calmness, firmness, decisiveness, and in its unclean nuance – inconsistency. The violet color, the clean one, gives power, used for higher purposes, fortitude, and in unclean form -power, but used for personal benefits.

Light speaks to people simultaneously in seven different languages. Each color of the light has a specific language. One, who understands these languages, is healthy, learned, strong or if he is ill, ignorant, weak, through these rays of light, he can recover, because each color is associated with a certain type of powers of the human organism. Thus the red color is associated with the powers of the heart, the orange one – with the powers of the mind, and the green one – with the powers of will, the yellow one – with the powers of the soul, the blue one – with the powers of the entire sky, the violet one – with the powers of the spirit.

Many people suffer with intoxicants: wine, brandy, tobacco, and others. There are intoxicants in mental life, too – some thoughts and feelings intoxicate like alcohol. One, who does not know them, takes them in and gets ill after that, suffers until he gets rid of them. Sometimes the reason of diseases is the lack of a certain color in somebody. If he lacks the red color of love, the yellow color of wisdom, or the blue color of truth, he will certainly be ailing. They can be introduced both in the organism and in the psyche.

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