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Natural Cholesterol Remedies Explained

As a long time sufferer of high cholesterol, if I had a dollar for all of the so called natural cholesterol remedies that people recommended, and in some cases I tried without success, I would be a very wealthy woman!

Most people mean well when you are battling something as serious as high cholesterol, and especially those who know you well, and know that family members and friends died prematurely from heart disease.

And to be honest, when you are not in a position to take prescription cholesterol lowering medications, because of their adverse side effects, and you are terrified of dying young yourself, you will try everything and anything to survive.

Some of the natural cholesterol remedies out there are as follows:

Garlic Capsules
Garlic is considered wonderful for the heart. However, with regard to lowering cholesterol, whilst studies show that garlic can lower cholesterol by a tiny amount, there is no evidence that it can sustain this over a long period of time.

Guggul Supplements
Guggul is a herbal medicine used to control obesity and is considered by some as one of the most effective natural cholesterol remedies. It boasts a wide therapeutic range from the common cold, skin problems, reduced arthritis pain, etc., to name but a few. Almost sounds like a miracle pill! Results of studies carried out have conflicting results regarding the cholesterol lowering capabilities of guggul.

Arjuna Supplements
Arjuna is a tree grown in India and similar climatic countries. The bark is used to create this supplement and boasts a wide range of healing and health beneficial properties, including lowering cholesterol, improved cardiac function and improved liver function. Mixed feedback from people on actual results achieved and concerns over use compared to other natural cholesterol remedies.

Niacin Capsules
Niacin is a B vitamin found in meat, dairy and fish. It has been proven to lower triglycerides and LDL and raise HDL. However, it has also been proved that taking Niacin over a long period of time results in adverse side effects, one of which is liver damage.

I could provide an endless list of all the natural cholesterol remedies out there. Some are trying to be everything and anything to all ailments. Some even claim to prevent heart attacks. The problem I found with the majority of them, was that, they seemed to add lowering cholesterol as an addendum. They claim to deal with everything from lowering blood pressure, increasing cardiac function, preventing colds, reducing menstrual pain, reducing arthritis pains, weight management, etc.

I mean, how on earth can you have any faith in a supplement that claims to fix everything that could possibly be wrong with you!

Of all the natural cholesterol remedies out there, I did find one that focussed purely on lowering cholesterol, without any side effects. No outrageous claims, simple facts, detailed list of nutrients, simple explanations, just what you need.

But before I would advise anyone to simply start taking natural cholesterol remedies, I would suggest reading through the entire research first and be aware of how cholesterol works and why it is so important to lower cholesterol naturally.

Natural Approaches to Cope With Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition characterized by nerve damage in feet as a result of a long history of diabetes. Neuropathy in feet and hands usually develops in patients with poorly controlled blood sugar, arterial pressure and who are significantly overweight. Individuals affected by this unfortunate condition will develop toe numbness, significant loss of feelings in both feet and hands, tingling and burning sensations especially at the end of the day.

Symmetrical presentation of diabetic neuropathy in both feet or both hands is a very important clue for your doctor to be able to identify the exact cause of your symptoms. In case you are experiencing tingling and loss of feeling only in one foot or one hand, the actual culprit for your condition might be of other nature.

In medical history nerve damage due to elevated blood sugar levels is classified into four groups depending on what nerve areas are affected causing the specific symptoms presented in a patient. Autonomic neuropathy significantly affects digestive function leading to bowel, bladder and even sexual problems. Peripheral neuropathy will cause discomfort in upper and lower extremities, numbness and burning feelings. Focal nerve damage can show up in virtually any area of the body. Finally, proximal type of neuropathy leads to nerve damage in the hip area, namely, buttocks, hips and thighs.

Traditional medicine offers very little support for diabetic patients and resorts to merely managing the symptoms and failing to look deeply into the actual underlying causes of this condition.

Alternative medicine, on the other hand, offers a myriad of natural approaches and remedies to manage both causes and symptoms of the diabetic neuropathy.

Alpha Lipoic acid has been proven to be very effective in managing diabetes and its symptoms. Taking 20 to 50 mg daily is in most cases sufficient in controlling neuropathy especially if initiated at earlier stages of the disease.

Acetyl L-carnitine is another important natural remedy for naturopathy and works by addressing muscle pain and improves mood. If taken at doses of 100 to 300 mgs 3 times per week, it was shown to not cause side effects of over stimulation.

B group vitamins are essential ingredients in any natural treatment of diabetic nerve damage, they additionally support heart function, promote good mood, mental clarity and give you lots of energy naturally.

Ginko Biloba extract has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and should be included as your treatment for managing pain and discomfort associated with diabetic neuropathy. This traditional supplement significantly improves cognitive function and improves blood circulation.

The most common natural treatments to manage pain that comes hand in hand with nerve damage is acupuncture and massage. Both of these natural techniques will promote a sense of relaxation and well-being triggering the production of endorphins, natural pain killers.

Natural Cures For Asthma

Finding natural cures for asthma used to be a daunting task that’s just like an Indiana Jones movie. For many, many generations, several millions of children from all over the world have had to contend with shallow breathing, constricted larynxes, hardness of breath and an overall decreased quality of life. Medical professionals have long worked on asthma remedies. Even the ancient Egyptians tried all sort of things including inhaling the smoke from a mixture of herbs burnt on top of bricks.

Fortunately, the approach has since then improved. Now you can find companies which have gotten the best that the combination of science and nature can give. Through these efforts, they have found ingredients such as Silicea Terra, Echinacea Angustifolia, Trifolium Pratense, Arsenicum Album and others which have been medically proven to be potent and natural cures for asthma.

These ingredients treat symptoms such as dry cough, sometimes deep, fatiguing, and shaking, principally in the evening after lying down, or at night, shallow breaths, constriction of the larynx and even bronchitis. Was it mentioned that they are all natural ingredients? Now, through extensive efforts, these natural ingredients have been formulated in easy to use, safe and visually appealing packages. No, you won’t have to buy leaves and ground up some herbs on top of bricks and then inhale the smoke. They now come in the form of compact and non intrusive sprayers. If you ask, they’re just like breath sprays that you spray two times in your mouth, under your tongue, three times a day.

Breath sprays? You’ve seen movies where a man who goes on a date sprays his mouth with a breath spray to make his breath, well, smell better right? It’s just like that. But instead of just making your breath smell better, the homeopathic formulation does something even better. It alleviates the symptoms of asthma by eventually finding itself in your bloodstream. Inhalers which you have to put in your mouth like Popeye would (a cartoon character who’s a sailor who always has a pipe), are a thing of the past. Besides, those inhalers are hideous looking so much so that studies have shown that many children forgo using them as prescribed because their peers would laugh at them whenever they see them using it. You could only imagine an adult having to use those inhalers in the middle of a board meeting.

In the end, natural cures for asthma could come in better packaging and with a more natural solution. It’s your choice to start living a healthier life.

Natural Remedies For Asthma

When we say “natural remedies for asthma” we usually think about a concoction of herbs prepared by our grandparents. The Ancient Egyptians even had one remedy wherein they made a person with asthma breathe smoke from burning herbs on top of clay bricks. Some people might be familiar with their own grandma’s comfort and chicken soup. While all these could have psychological effects, their effectiveness have since been disproven or altogether done away with by the scientific and medical communities.

But all that will change once you read this article. What if you were told that there are scientific efforts now underway to design an all natural solution and verify their clinical effectiveness through scientific means? Wouldn’t that be great?

It is and all in all, there are several clinically proven natural components that do the job ve

1. Urtica Urens
2. Sticta Pulmonaria
3. Sambucus Nigra
4. Quebracho
5. Natrum Sulphuricum
6. Mercurius Corrosivus
7. Lung Porcine
8. Arsenicum Album
9. Belladonna
10. Blatta Orientalis
11. Kali Carbonicum
12. Natrum Sulphuricum
13. Lobelia Inflata
14. Silicea Terra
15. Lobelia Inflata
16. Echinacea Angustifolia

These are just 16 of the 30 plus natural remedies for asthma that have been discovered. They treat the following symptoms:

1. whooping-cough
2. bronchitis
3. dry cough
4. difficulty in breathing
5. suffocation
6. shallowness of breath
7. sudden sensation of contractions on chest

The list goes on and on. Now imagine if all of these natural ingredients could be found in a convenient and non intrusive solution which could be sprayed in your mouth like breath sprays. Wouldn’t that be great?

If you’re an asthmatic then you must know fully well that there is some social effects to being seen around with a breathalyzer. But there is no other solution right? There is. The solution lies in the breath sprays mentioned above. The delivery mechanism for this homeopathic solution first goes orally then seeps in through the blood stream to ensure that the delivery of the solution is effective. It’s just like breath sprays, but this one doesn’t merely guarantee fresh breath, it also makes sure that you can live your life free from the symptoms of asthma.

The natural remedies for asthma couldn’t be better than this. You have the full confidence that you won’t be ostracized for carrying a gadget that you need to suck on. Instead you’ll have the full confidence of a method which only requires you to take two quick sprays. It’s both fashionable and it makes perfect sense for the discerning asthmatic.

Natural Cures For Depression

There are a lot of people out there who suffer from depression and for these people, even the littlest things in life can become overwhelming. Depression isn’t a problem which will disappear if you ignore it, at least not in cases of severe depression. Of course, it’s normal to be a little depressed from time to time and there are also many who go through an occasional depressive state which may come and go. Whether your depression is chronic and severe or whether it tends to only affect you now and then, it is important to seek help for the problem. Depression which is left untreated can lead to an even more severe issue which requires professional help. The best thing to do is to find help as soon as possible, to try to get a handle on the problem before things really get out of hand. Even if your depression has become severe, though, help may be closer than you think.

A lot of those who suffer from depression and fail to seek help do so due to being worried about the side effects which many prescription medications can cause. Then there is the cost; for people who lack health insurance, depression can simply be too costly to treat. While there certainly are some severe side effects which some depression medications are known to cause in certain patients, there are other options available to people who are living with depression aside from suffering in silence.

When you choose natural cures for depression, you can avoid expensive prescription medications and the side effects which they can possibly cause. While there is a small chance of side effects from natural depression remedies, these tend to be exceedingly rare and very mild, especially when compared to some of the unwanted effects that prescription medications for depression can have.

There are a lot of different options available to you if you’re looking for natural cures for depression as an alternative to the pharmaceuticals a physician would prescribe for your condition. It’s a good idea to examine all of your options and weigh each carefully to find a treatment which works for you. By taking this kind of proactive approach to your own treatment, you greatly increase the odds of finding a natural treatment which works to cure your depression.

This examination of the alternative forms of treatment which are open to you is something which should be done before you settle on any natural cures for depression. Depression is a serious problem and your treatment is something which you should make a truly informed decision about. Make sure that you’re armed with all the facts and then decide on a remedy which seems like the best fit for your case.

One of the best known natural cures for depression is the herb St. John’s Wort. While this herb is effective for many in terms of treating their depression, there are a few things you should be aware of before you begin using this particular natural remedy. One is that some people have an allergic reaction to the herb; if you feel stomach cramping or other sudden physical side effects, then you’ll have to stop using this herb and try another natural treatment instead. Additionally, if you’re already taking prescription medications, you may not be able to take this herb since it can cause side effects when combined with certain pharmaceuticals.

One of the best natural cures for depression is also one of the simplest: regular exercise. By making exercise a part of your routine, you’ll increase your energy level and find a little relief from the symptoms of your condition thanks to the mood elevating endorphins that are released when you exercise. There are also some nutritional supplements which are worth looking into that may be able to alleviate your depression. The Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oils and flax seeds are something which show promise for treating depression; vitamin B has also been reported by many to ease their symptoms.

As you pursue natural cures for depression, remember to eat a healthy, well balanced diet and get adequate sleep each night. Stick to a regular sleep schedule; being well rested can help you to cope with depression and give you the energy you need to get through your day.

If at any point during your treatment you find that you are seeing no improvement or that the symptoms of your depression are worsening, cease using whatever remedy you’ve been trying and choose another. However, if your symptoms become very severe, please seek medical help immediately. Once things are under control again, you can try another natural cure for depression.

Natural Ways to Relieve Arthritis Pain

The word “Arthritis” originates from inflammation of joints. As the name says Arthritis is a chronic disease where inflammation of joints is complemented by swelling, stiffness, redness and lastly pain. Arthritis patients often are subjected to a lot of pain specially when swelling within the joints tend to aggravate causing instant pain and redness surrounding that particular area. Arthritis is widely believed to be a hereditary disease. They come in over 100’s of forms some of the most popular ones are Osteoarthritis, Septic arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis. Arthritis is mainly found with people above the age of 40 and with the advent of age Arthritis tend to aggravate.

What makes Arthritis quite dangerous is that if not looked after Arthritis tends to take over most joints within the body and one could see him/herself paralyzed within months of Arthritis. The joint bones inclined to become brittle and weak this in turn affects loss of calcium within the body. In some Arthritis forms it is found that the cartilages that are found between bones tend to get worn down and at worst of times may get fully damaged. Therefore it is imperative that one is very cautious in going about things, early treatment of Arthritis is a must and at best let the treatment be fully natural in order to get the best benefits over a longer period.

Treating Arthritis is a very essential thing. Apart from medication you can also rely on the natural remedies of Arthritis. Besides been miraculously effective they are devoid of side effects. Body work programs can help you get relieved from Arthritis to a large extent. Body works include massage treatments and Chinese practices like Acupuncture etc. Massage therapies can reduce pain, stiffness, hormonal stress and increase immunity and sleep. But massage should strictly be done by certified masseurs. Acupressure and acupuncture are old practices done with the help of needles and fingers to stimulate meridians. They help release endorphins and inflammations.

Other than these, diet plays an important role in Arthritis. If you have a balanced diet, the proper nutrition aids the body in handling the painful symptoms of Arthritis. Patient should essentially maintain an ideal weight. Foods like bread, fruits, vegetables, pulses, poultry, lean meat, low fat dairy, dried beans etc. Also food can make Arthritis worse. Foods like wheat products should be avoided. Supplements like glucosamine can help fight Arthritis. They have anti-inflammatory properties that delays need for joint replacement. Fish oils also relieve pain.

Herbs to Help Overcome Panic Attacks

All Medicines at some stage started out as a plant. We don’t think of that when we go in to our local pharmacy and buy tablets to help overcome panic attacks, headaches or whatever ails us. It makes you think what did our ancestors do when they had health issues and there were no pharmacies?

They became experts in the use of herbs! Until recent decades Grannies recipes and potions were almost forgotten about. They were deemed old hat. But lately these natural alternative methods are making a big comeback.

Here are 6 herbs that have a history of being beneficial in helping to Overcome Panic Attacks.

1. Kava: This plant originated in the Pacific Islands and is related to our pepper plant. It was well known and used by the Islanders for its relaxing effects on the body. Captain James Cook first came across the Kava plant on one of his voyages to the South Seas. Cook informs us that, whenever the village elders met for council meetings, it always included an elaborate kava ceremony.

Since then, kava is not only widely appreciated for its ability to help relieve the affects of panic attacks, but it also helps to reduce anxiety. Some individuals also take it as a supplement to help with their symptoms of depression. You can buy this herb in just about any health food store. The only warning that seems to go with this herbal supplement is that pregnant or lactating women should not use it.

2. Lavender: Though lavender is an herb, it is more often thought of as an essential oil. Its fragrance has a calming effect on your senses. Some people will carry a small bottle of the oil with them. When they feel as if an attack is developing they pull out the little bottle and inhale its healing aroma. Many people swear by this. In fact my own sister sprinkles a few drops on her pillow every night before going to bed. She says it feels as if she is “programming her mind” to calm itself.

3. Passionflower: These flowers are native to the tropical and sub-tropical sections of the Americas, especially in Central America. Native Americans in both North and Central America have used these herbs for several centuries to help eliminate anxiety and control stress. In recent times a lot of research has been performed on the passionflower. The experts have discovered that this herb is effective at calming nerves because it acts like a depressant on the central nervous system. They also discovered that it is very beneficial in treating general restlessness, muscle tension and nervousness that is brought on by your worrying, overwork or excessive excitement. It is also a great herb for overcoming insomnia. In short, it provides a calming, relaxing and a general anti-anxiety effect. The real experts, the Native Americans knew that already.

4. Chamomile: Chamomile contains mild sedative properties. It is normally sold as a tea. You will find it on supermarkets shelves just about everywhere nowadays. It is the one herb that just about everyone has heard about. The soothing effects of this herb are known the world over. Chamomile is a great herb to take regularly if you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks., chamomile is not only safe for adults, but an effective and safe choice for children as well.

5. Lemon Balm: This is another herb that is well known for its soothing effects. It is a favorite among sufferers afflicted with panic attacks. It is especially useful in calming the digestive juices agitated by stress and tension.
Lemon balm has been known to calm that “racing heart” associated with the onset of a panic attack. It is a help with lifting the mood of people suffering from mild depression.

6. St. John’s Wort: This is another fairly well known and popular herb among herbalists. With its yellow flowers,this plant is native to Europe, where in many parts it is just thought of as a weed that can be dangerous to livestock. It has been extremely popular as a natural remedy for depression and lately has become known as an aid in combatting insomnia. St John Wort is touted as a natural aid for anxiety in general and panic attacks in particular.

Nature is a wonderful thing and in general herbs are safe but it is better to be careful. For instance, see above that Kava should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women. If you are on medication please consult your doctor before trying a course of herbal remedies. Let him know of your plans and together you can draw up a plan that will help you overcome panic attacks permanently.

Natural Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is experienced by people aging from 40 years and above. This is the kind of illness that is commonly experience by women than men. Normally, the disease causes inflammation and pain in the hands, arms, legs and feet. There are also some sufferers that experiences fatigue and sleeplessness. Well, it is said that there is no quick natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis that are able to get cured from the illness forever. However, there are several effective remedies that will help to treat the symptoms that are associated with the disease.

1. Use Heat and Cold – Heat is able to soothes and heal through persuading blood flow to the ligaments and tendons around joints. The cold impedes inflammation, after a joint has been worn-out. Hence, it is better that if you over used your joints and you begin to feel the hurt, apply immediately ice on the inflamed joints for 15 minutes to stop the swelling. After that, put a heat pad for 15 minutes to enable the blood to flow into your joint. Then, have a 30 minute break and reapply the heat for 15 minutes.

2. Loose Weight – The greater the weight you have the more stress your body places on your joints. This condition lets you become more prone to inflammation and pain. If you find yourself you weight too much, then it is better for you to ask the advice of a nutritionist who is able to give you advice on good arthritis management and weight loss diet.

3. Juice – There are lots of studies that show that vegetable juice can aid with the pain management side of the illness. It is better for you to start with carrot juice and after that, you can take celery and cabbage juice. For the first week of the treatment, you need to take in one glass of juice daily. On the second week, drink a glass of juice every other day. On the third week, drink only the glass of juice for 3 non consecutive days.

These are three basics natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis that are available. The above mentioned are just some of the cure there are still other that are present. Keep in mind that the above mentioned natural remedies will just help alleviate the symptoms not to totally cure the illness. If you want to have more options to cure the arthritis, better consult your doctor to have the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

Natural Remedies For Arthritis

The problem of arthritis is associated with the inflammation of the joints. Usually it is a process of chronic disease. It affects the people in various forms. Osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis affects the people more frequently. Osteoarthritis usually affects the people of older age group and it is related with the degenerative joint disease. Rheumatoid arthritis is more serious in comparison to other arthritis problem as it affects hips, knees, feet, wrists and joints of the fingers in addition to the muscles, tendons and other tissues of the body.

Some of the important cause of arthritis :

1. Sometimes structural changes in the articular cartilage in the joints may be one of the cause of arthritis especially the people who are weight bearing.

2. Sometimes it may be the result of hormonal imbalance, physical and emotional stress.

3. Sometimes hereditary factors are also responsible for enhancing the problem of arthritis.

The major symptoms of arthritis are stiffness and pain in the joints. Usually after exercise the pain due to arthritis increases. Rheumatoid arthritis is also known as ‘cooked food disease’. Usually it develops over the months and result into stiffness and pain in one or more joints. Gradually it affects the whole body. Some of the symptoms which are related with the problem of arthritis are constipation, colitis, anaemia and also deformed feet and hands.

The problem of arthritis can be cured with the help of natural remedies. Some of the effective natural remedies of arthritis :

1. Mustard or castor oil is also very effective in treating the problem of arthritis. You have to warm mustard oil or coconut oil mixed with 2-3 pieces of camphor. Massage this prepared oil on the affected area especially on the stiff and aching joints. It increases the supply of blood and also reduces the stiffness and inflammation of the joints.

2. A proper diet is also essential in reducing the problem of arthritis. Intake of fruits and vegetables especially in the form of salad and also two cooked vegetables. In more severe case the patient may be kept on raw vegetables and also on juice therapy for a week.

3. Proper ventilation in the bedroom is necessary. The patients are also advised for proper rest. It will be helpful in reducing the problem of arthritis.

4. For the patients of arthritis, sea bathing has been found very valuable. The patients are relieved from the pain after sea bathing as sea water contains natural iodine.

Healing Uterine Fibroids Naturally

The necessary approach for healing uterine fibroids naturally needs to be a multifaceted, holistic one as although it is sometimes possible to get symptomatic relief by using one-dimensional remedies such as anti-inflamatories or herbal remedies, there is a big difference between “healing” and temporary “relief”!

Conventional treatments such as Lupron or even surgery only treat the symptoms of fibroids and cannot provide a permanent solution. This is because whatever caused your fibroids in the first place and is “fuelling” them now, is still present in your body. Unless you take steps to eliminate these causes, your fibroids will regrow after treatment.

Many women worldwide have successfully dealt with their fibroids by only using natural methods and you may be thinking that after years of suffering, this sounds just too good to be true. well, like most things in life, there is a downside!

If you are going to use techniques for healing uterine fibroids naturally, you need to be prepared to make a number of significant changes and some women just can’t handle this. For some women, their fibroids are just so bad that they are literally prepared to try anything. Other women might be motivated by the fact that sadly, fibroids are likely to grow larger over time (until the menopause) and they wish to prevent this happening before it’s too late and their symptoms are unbearable.
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The protocols required for healing uterine fibroids naturally are not difficult, but you require you to follow them through for, ideally, several months. This will require you to undertake the following:

* Dietary modification
* Elimination of toxin build up in the liver
* Using herbal remedies
* Supplementation of diet to boost the immune system
* Parasite elimination
* Stress management
* Undertaking regular exercise