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Treatment of ED

Treatment depends on the underlying cause of ED. Key areas that can help include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, looking after your mental health, examining your current medication, pelvic floor exercises, drug therapy, injection therapy, urethral suppositories, vacuum devices and surgery.

Healthy Lifestyle

There is good evidence that following a healthy lifestyle can really help with erectile dysfunction Viagra Generic Australia. A heart-healthy diet, taking plenty of exercise and watching your stress levels can all help keep you in good shape. It is important to keep your weight down and avoid tobacco products.

A regular medical check-up will help ensure your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are well controlled. While taking a tablet like Viagra can help cure erectile dysfunction it won’t necessarily address the underlying health issues. It is no substitute for the healthy foundations we all need for good long-term health.

Mental Health

It is important to optimise your mental well-being. This includes recognising and treating any underlying depression or anxiety and moderating your alcohol intake. Assess your level of stress. Do you cope well under pressure? Have you enough down time? Counselling can be helpful, particularly if there are relationship issues. Sex therapy can sometimes play an important role. This works best when the patient is well motivated and has the time to invest in the process.

Reviewing Your Medication

It can be useful to review your medication carefully with your doctor or pharmacist. If your doctor thinks some of your medications may be the culprit he may decide to stop one medication at a time for a few weeks to see what benefit it has. It is important not to stop medication without consulting your doctor as this may have health consequences. It’s okay to be a good detective but not your own doctor. Talk to your doctor, he or she is there to help you.

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Pelvic Floor Exercises

These are exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor and can sometimes help with ED. They involve the muscles you use to stop yourself from passing wind and also those muscles used to stop the flow of urine. A physiotherapist would be able to give you a leaflet to help with this.

Medical Treatment

This has been revolutionised over the past ten years or so since the arrival of drugs like Viagra. The impact of these drugs has been massive, not just because they work but also because they have done so much to increase awareness of ED as a health issue. Early media coverage generated massive

worldwide demand for this medication. Prescribing drugs like Viagra is now mainstream medical practice and there is no need to be embarrassed or shy about asking your doctor if you might benefit. At least it gives you an opportunity for this important health issue to be discussed in a sensitive and confidential manner.