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Four Natural Ways to Prevent Migraines Headaches

A migraine is a debilitating neurological condition characterized by crushing or throbbing pain in one area of the head, accompanied by vomiting, visual disturbances, sensitivity to sound and light, nausea, and tingling in the arms and legs. Many things can trigger a migraine – missed deadlines, annoying family members, irate bosses, and unending traffic jams. This type of headache can render you incapable of doing your best at whatever it is that you do. Knowing how to prevent migraines headaches is crucial to lessen the number and intensity of headache that you might get.Schedule a tea time. If you think only the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can enjoy the benefits of drinking tea, think again. Tea, specifically ginger and chamomile tea, helps prevent migraines headaches by relieving the tension that causes them. Ginger is also known to help subdue nausea that often couples a migraine attack. Brew up a cup, and enjoy your tea.

Oiliness is next to healing. Getting a gentle head rub using the essential oil of rosemary or thyme can alleviate headache pain. It was found in a 2010 study, that both oils contain a substance called Carvacrol, which can provide the same healing benefits of ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine. Meanwhile, getting a foot bath with a few drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil provides a calming aroma that soothes your senses and eases the constricted blood vessels in your head.

Eat the right food. Although there are kinds of food that can trigger that head-splitting pain, there are also certain types of food which you can eat to prevent migraines headaches. Load up on fruits and vegetables and fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fiber in fruits and vegetables helps remove extra estrogen in the body that can cause migraine. Meanwhile, fish rich in EPA and DHA helps lessen the severity of a migraine attack.

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee. Stress is perhaps the most common factor that triggers a migraine attack. It is always important to keep calm and avoid being harassed by the things that stress you out. Moreover, despite the fact that coffee is said to trigger migraine for other people, there are studies that prove that caffeine-intake actually helps relieve the crushing pain when migraine strikes. In fact, caffeine is one of the ingredients in over-the-counter pills prescribed to treat the illness.

A migraine is discomforting and can hit you at a time when you need to be busy and productive. By learning how to prevent migraines headaches the natural way, you can liberate yourself from pain without the need to overdose yourself on over-the-counter pills.

Controlling High Blood Pressure Naturally

Controlling high blood pressure naturally is the best strategy. Naturally, you must take steps to control the problem, whether you achieve the result by natural means or through medication.

Many people do not realize just how successful natural approaches can be. This is partly due to the high level of trust and reliance which people assign to their doctor. Unfortunately, the typical recommendation of any doctor will be to use prescription medication to control the problem. While many doctors firmly believe that natural strategies are best, doing otherwise can leave them exposed to medical liability lawsuits.

For that reason, they take the legally safe approach and prescribe various drugs to tackle the problem. What you must realize is that the drugs are doing nothing to cure the hypertension. Rather, all they are doing is managing the symptoms. This generally means that you will need to continue to take the medications indefinitely.

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The other problem is that in many cases, the doctor is guessing as to the real cause of the problem. A period of trial and error is needed to get the right blend of medication. Finally, as with all medicines, there is the issue of potential side effects.

For controlling high blood pressure naturally, there are three principal elements which you must address. These are body weight, diet, and exercise. Here we will discuss the importance and relevance of each of these three aspects.

1. With respect to body weight, generally people who are overweight are more prone to hypertension problems. This makes perfect sense, as the body is working harder to simply carry around the extra weight. This puts more strain on the circulation system and drives up pressure. Even a small amount of extra weight can be problematic.

For that reason, you should take immediate steps to get your body weight to the normal range. Obviously diet and exercise can help with body weight, but they play a major role in many other ways as well.

2. Proper diet is not just about eating the right amount of food. What you eat is just as important. Getting on the right eating plan can address many cases of this problem all by itself. There are a number of diet programs you can follow, such as the DASH program or the South Beach diet. Avoiding fatty foods and sodium are important elements.

Perhaps the best strategy is to begin to avoid processed foods. The additives included in the processing are generally not helpful for your blood pressure at all!

3. Finally, getting appropriate exercise on a regular basis is of great assistance. Even a brisk walk daily is a good start.

Addressing your lifestyle might seem like a daunting task. However, it is your current lifestyle which is contributing to your hypertension. This is why controlling high blood pressure naturally will always involve lifestyle modifications!

How to Cure Depression Naturally With These 7 Natural Products

Most of people feel depressed from time to time. Feeling sometime depressed is a normal part of our life and growth. However, if you have episodes of depression with recurrent ongoing chronic symptoms, then depression is more than being just occasionally moody or sad. It becomes a serious illness affecting your life on physical, mental and emotional level.

There is no only one main cause of having depression. Depression can be brought about by chemical imbalances, thyroid problems, burdened liver or nervous system.

You might get depressed because of many different reasons such as: death of your loved one, you got recently divorces, you have a serious disease or reactions to your medications. Also, if you are constantly consuming food you have been allergic to, or you are lacking in important nutrients it can cause you to be depressed, stress, increased alcohol consumption, not dealing with anger properly or any other negative emotion. All this can lead to having depression if not taken care on time.

Natural remedies such as herbal remedies have been used since ancient time to combat depression. Here are ancient and affordable herbs proven to be of a great help in a process of treating depression.

Please note: if you have a serious chronic depression, please contact your doctor.

  • St John’s Wort (Hypercium perforatum) components influence brain chemistry in several different ways, leading to better mood. A very popular St. John’s Wort herb is a very popular mood enhancer herb and it can be taken as an infusion tea when needed, up to 3 times daily.
  • Lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora syn. Alousoa triphylla) has a mild tonic effect on the nervous system, which lifts the spirits and helps counter depression. It is pleasant to drink in late-evening, it relaxes you.
  • Melissa (Melissa officinalis) is a valuable herb to have at home at all times especially in situations where long-term anxiety edges into depression. Take it as an infusion or tincture 2-3 times a day.
  • Golden root, Arctic root (Rhodiola rosea) helps raise mood in those who have a tendency to suffer from depression.
  • Damiana (Tumera diffusa, T. aphrodisiaca) is a mild antidepressant and if taken regularly it will help to improve mood and mental stamina. It can been taken with herbs such as St. John’s wort.
  • Have bananas at home all the time: literary have banana every moment with you if you are suffering from depression. Eating a banana when stressed or depressed will help you as the banana proteins when eaten are converted in to serotonin which are known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.
  • Mango (Mangifera indica):Drink the fresh juice daily 15 minutes after breakfast.

Depression can have an effect on your self-esteem and even stops you from doing simple daily activities. Ideally you should concentrate on what is causing your depression. However, while in the process of liberating yourself from depression, and while in your “down times” herbs can be of a great help.

What About Natural Remedies For Anxiety Like Herbs Or Positive Thinking?

Many people are starting to realize that taking an addictive pill from the pharmacy is not the way that they want to gain control over their anxiety. Instead, people are searching to find natural remedies for anxiety because it makes them feel safer, and more in control.

It makes sense that you wouldn’t want to treat anxiety or panic attacks with something that can easily make you feel worse if you stop taking it like a prescription can. On top of that, you haven’t solved any of your anxiety problems by taking the medicine in the first place.

For people in your situation, there are some natural or herbal methods that you can use to gain back some calmness in your body and mind. Some people don’t do well with any type of medication, including herbal treatments, so there is also cognitive behavioral therapies available, which help many people deal with anxious behavior effectively.

Another avenue that you can explore was built in when you were a care-free person without any anxious thoughts. Have you ever met someone who always thought of life as a great, positive experience? I would be willing to bet that any such person most likely doesn’t have any issues with anxiety, wouldn’t you?

And that would actually make perfect sense if you think about it for a minute. People with a positive attitude never think they are going to die every single time they get a little bit nervous. They accept being nervous as a natural event, and they do not dwell on what may or may not happen to them.

They are in control of their mind, which people like yourself that have an anxiety disorder are not. You are merely trying to live inside a brain that thinks it should be constantly panicked and freaking out. An over-active, nervous brain is the trademark of having anxiety, so don’t think there is anything really wrong with you.

You can try something to help get rid of anxiety though, and you can find it in just about any store in your community. Various teas and extracts like Chamomile and Velerian root give some people who take them a feeling of calmness. You have to be careful though, because some remedies like Valerian have been known to act the opposite, and cause increased nervousness in some people.

Because of this, and some other side-effects caused by over the counter medications such as herbal remedies, it will be a good idea to check with your doctor first just to make sure. This is always a good idea when attempting to add any remedy to your routine, just to be on the safe side.

Finding a good remedy for anxiety and panic disorder is hard for many people. Not only are there a lot of different techniques or remedies available, not every one of them works the same for each person.

Increasing Your Energy Naturally

Increasing your energy levels naturally is something that a lot of people are wondering how to do. Especially these days, there are more people dealing with stressful situations, trying to keep up with their fast-paced lives, and struggling throughout the process to keep their energy up.

If you’re reading this article, you probably have some curiosity about how to reduce fatigue and bring your energy back to snuff. I’m sure you’ve noticed your grocery store stocked with many different energy drinks or shots, filled with stimulants like caffeine, sugar, guarana, and taurine. While this is one way to go about getting an extra boost, it won’t solve the problem in the long run. Putting extra oil in a leaky engine may be a temporary fix, but to really get your energy back you’ll have to go deeper and take care of the underlying issues.

So what causes a lack of energy? In your body, there are two organs that are directly involved in energy production – one being your adrenal glands, and the other is your thyroid.

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  • The adrenal glands are responsible for releasing hormones in response to stress.
  • The thyroid is in charge of keeping your metabolism up.

Both of these organs can become overworked, and after time, they will stop functioning effectively.

Though there may be some who have a health condition that predisposes them to fatigue, chronic stress is probably the most common factor in people with low energy levels. In response to too much stress, both your adrenal glands and thyroid can become exhausted, leaving you without enough of the hormones your body needs to produce energy. So obviously, doing what you can to balance your stress levels is going to play a huge part in getting your energy back.

– While it may not be possible to eliminate stress from your life, trying to take time to relax and do things you enjoy, and noticing when you are getting overly stressed so that you can stop it from getting out of hand can help greatly increase your energy, not to mention your quality of life.

Other factors may come into play as well. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding too many calories, and having regular meals throughout the day makes sure that your body is getting the proper intake it needs to make energy.

  1. Exercising regularly at least 3 times per week – makes a big difference in maintaining a healthy metabolism, and protects your body from that fatigue which can come from too sedentary a lifestyle. It is helpful to find a form of exercise you enjoy – it doesn’t have to be strenuous, even walking is enough to make a big difference.
  2. Also, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial. This is more of a challenge for some people than others, but a few examples of things that can help are avoiding any caffeine intake later on in the day, and avoiding stimulating activities late in the evening. Try to use your evenings to wind down, doing something relaxing or enjoyable rather than letting the stress of the day carry on.
  3. Finally, increasing your energy also involves how you use your energy. Are you using it only to take care of stressful responsibilities and work?Are you remembering to burn those calories just playing around once in a while? Everyone has fun or challenging things they like to do outside of the sphere of work and stress, so get out there and have some fun.

These are some basic things you can incorporate into your life to improve your energy levels. They are very simple, but they get down to the crux of the matter which is taking good care of your body. If your body is happy, then so are you, and you will find your energy levels increasing because of it.

Natural Cholesterol Medication: Tips You Need to Know

If cholesterol is a concern for your health, here are some tips you will find interesting. First, natural cholesterol med does not include any prescription medication that falls into the category of statin drugs.

Cholesterol is actually a byproduct from the foods we eat. During the digestive process food is broken down into energy. Bad cholesterol comes from eating too many foods that contain too much saturated fat.

This fat buildup in the arteries is what cases health problems such as stroke brought on by high blood pressure. Think of your arteries like a garden hose. If the hose is too clogged up with any type of matter, the pressure on the hose increases to the point of rupture.

What makes natural cholesterol medicine better than prescription meds?

Natural cholesterol med is something of an organic source like Omega 3 found in certain healthy foods. These foods include poultry, grains, and green vegetables like broccoli or leafy types of vegetables.

Other foods in this group include lintels, beans, nuts, oatmeal and fruit. Importantly, anything that includes little or no saturated fat.

Another important source of Omega 3 is fish. Because of the oils contained in cold water fish, fish oil provides one of the best and most potent forms of Omega 3 that fights cholesterol and is all natural.

Here is how it works. The Omega 3 fatty acids known as eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid have been clinically proven to fight high levels of LDL and triglycerides. Taken in high doses, research has shown a reduction of 20 to 50% of triglycerides in some patients.

Omega 3 supplements are commonly used by those who want natural cholesterol med but don’t care for cooking fish. Omega 3 supplements also are available in various dosages.

If you are looking to Omega 3 supplements as a way to augment a good health regimen, here is what you should look for when choosing an Omega 3 supplement. First, look to make sure there are high levels of the fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Combined, these numbers should be 500mg or better to make sure that you are getting the maximum effect from these important fish oils. Don’t be fooled by the term “pharmaceutical grade fish oil”. There is no such standard.

Are there any side effects to these supplements?

One of the main benefits of natural cholesterol med is that there are no destructive side effects to your liver. Muscle ache is also a common side effect associated with prescription drugs that fight cholesterol. Happily, clinically studies have indicated no such effects from Omega 3 fish oils.


Now that you know the facts, take action today and confront your cholesterol problem naturally. Your body will reward you in the long run for helping to fight this issue without the possibility of harmful side effects.

Natural Hair Restoration Products


Almost everyone will suffer from some form of hair loss caused by various conditions from stress to genetics. But most of the people in the United States will suffer hair loss in the form of male or female pattern baldness, caused by genetics.

So if you are suffering from this type of hair loss then you probably know of the two Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs for stopping hair loss caused by this genetic condition, Minoxidil (for men and women) and Finasteride (men only).

If you are using one of these two drugs to stop and restore your hair, it is now being recommended by doctors and dermatologists that you also take a natural hair loss remedy to help re-grow hair faster.

So just what are natural remedies and what are some of these remedies I should be taking?

Natural Remedies

You hear a lot of talk about natural remedies, but just what are they? I would consider natural remedies to be folk medicine or medicine we all used before science came around with all these scientific cures for us. These are the stuff we find around our garden every day.

Here are some of the natural remedies you can use for helping with re-growing and stopping hair loss.

Saw Palmetto

I have been using Saw Palmetto for several months now, along with Minoxidil, with much success. This herb is considered to be a DHT blocker that prevents the formation of the hormone that causes genetic hair loss in both men and women.


This is a vitamin you get from eggs and liver that helps promote the growth of your hair. Not only can you get it from your diet but your body can manufacture it also in the intestines.

Biotin is considered a vitamin B and is often prescribed as a supplement for people using Minoxidil and Finasteride to help in re-growing their hair.

Green Tea

Though there is no documented evidence that green tea can help with restoring your hair, it is considered a good source of antioxidants that is considered a good source of nutrients for your hair and body.

Nettle Root

Like Saw Palmetto, this to is considered a DHT blocker helping to reduce the hormones that causes genetic loss of hair.


If you are using an FDA approved hair loss remedy, you should also consider using a natural hair loss supplement to help re-grow your hair faster.