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What is acne?

Acne is an infection of the oil glands resulting from clogged skin pores. The skin naturally expels dirt and impurities on their own. However, too much oil makes it difficult for the skin to remove dirt and the results of these breakouts. cialis 800mg

Acne treatment is to help the skin in removing grease and dirt that is clogging the pores. It is necessary to keep the skin as clean as possible by washing at least twice a day with water and a mild skin cleanser. When suffering from acne should avoid using make-up as necessary to keep the pores clean and free of contaminants, also the chemical content of some makeup products can irritate and worsen acne.

Acne or acne vulgaris is a skin condition that primarily affects very common for adolescents and is usually a consequence of increased male hormones present in both sexes. Oil and dead cells get trapped in the pores of the creation of black dots, which in turn become infected and inflamed, creating pimples and acne.

At least 96% of the adolescent population is affected by this condition at some time or another, that usually appears on the face, but may also be present in the upper chest and back, or anywhere where skin has a thick density of sebaceous follicles. It is characterized by a combination of blackheads, whiteheads, red scaly patches, pimples, scars and often.

The degree of acne severity and duration varies for each individual. Usually, though, as a condition that decreases or disappears after adolescence, however, can last until the twenties, and sometimes even in the thirties and forties.

Pimples, whiteheads and blackheads are forms of acne. Acne is perhaps the most common skin disease that mainly affects men and women equally in the age group 12 to 24 years. Many people are of the view that the presence of pimples on the face, especially the cheeks and forehead could affect its aesthetic. Therefore, seeking to break the grain as soon as it appears on the face.

How to Get Rid of Acne: Acne Treatment

1. Apply ripe tomatoes pulp or cucumber in acne or pimples and keep up to 1 hour after washing.

2. Rub fresh garlic on and around pimples. Pimples disappear without leaving a mark with regular applications. Garlic kills bacteria that cause acne.

3. Apply some garlic juice in the face for an hour once a week to get rid of acne. Do not store for long, as it may aggravate sensitive skin.

4. Make a paste of neem leaves with turmeric powder. Apply on affected area. Wash after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water. This is a good remedy for acne.

5. Zinc, vitamin A, B and E, echinacea, thyme and tea tree oil can cure acne. B vitamins may improve acne dramatically. Taking vitamin B tablet, you should see results within weeks.

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